Your Will be Done

A Will is one of the most important documents a person can prepare during their lifetime.  The old adage of death and taxes being the only two inevitable events during one’s life has never been more correct.  A properly prepared Will which has been correctly executed is vital to ensure that your estate is distributed in the way you intend.  Failure to have a Will leaves a family with little alternative but to accept the order of distribution of assets as set out in the Succession Act 2006.  In some cases it can be the government who is the ultimate beneficiary.  At Grogan & Webb we raise the question of current Wills whenever we meet with new clients and are only too happy to discuss the preparation of Wills together with Powers of Attorney, Guardianship documentation and Advance Directives.

Wills Case Study No. 1

A surviving spouse who had 14 children, 3 of whom had predeceased her left her estate to 3 children. The estate was not large but invariably provoked a claim by a few of the remaining children non-beneficiaries as to a share of the estate…

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Wills Case Study No. 2

The testator transferred his house to his daughter who with her husband moved in to look after the testator 24/7 for the last four years of his life…

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