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Expert commercial lawyers in Sydney

Grogan & Webb have a strong focus on providing proper legal advice for the small business owner.

When the New South Wales Law Society introduced the accreditation of specialist lawyers in certain fields “business law” was one of the areas of law selected and Lewis Webb, one of the first business law specialists accredited.  We also own and run a small business and are well aware of the needs of our clients on a day to day basis.  Our long experience also enables us to explore a range of solutions to the problems of a small business owner.  Using the correct vehicle to establish a business is most important.  From establishing or buying a business, leasing or purchasing commercial premises, employment of staff, and ensuring correct documentation Grogan & Webb can be trusted to provide the proper advice.

Value of Written Agreements

Value of Written Agreements Sale of Business Assets There are still many small businesses that operate on a shared profits basis without having specific partnership agreements and/or buy sell agreements and such documentation is vital when there are disagreements between the parties which could result in expensive  court action  resulting in the loss of business. Having an […]

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Transfer of Business Name

Certainly when a Business is sold the Business Name is almost always transferred to the Purchaser. These procedures were previously arranged by way of transfer documents which were prepared, signed and lodged at the relevant government department.

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Preparing a Business for Sale

When preparing a Business for sale there are a number of initial matters which need to be determined to ensure that the sale can be properly and effectively documented.

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Guarantees are required where the lender is seeking security over real estate and one of the borrowers is not the owner of the real estate.

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Retention of Title

When goods are supplied to a customer before a supplier has received payment the supplier usually confirms in its trading terms that it retains title to those goods until payment has been made. This is in line with usual commercial practice and is called a “retention of title” or “Romalpa” clause.

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